Health & Safety

It is our policy at BigTree to promote a healthy and safe atmosphere throughout the Company. We aim to commit to the prevention of injury and ill-health of any of our employees, sub-contractors or others affected by our work activities, as well as to prevent any damage or loss to property, plant or equipment on site or in the work shop.

The highest standards of health and safety are reflected in our manufacturing and fitout practise’s on all work undertaken for our clients. At BigTree, we believe that this policy can be sustained by the habitual compliance with statutory requirements and the provision of adequate plant, equipment and training resources for the control of health and safety risks.

BigTree maintains a system to ensure that mandatory instructions, reports and guidance of all health and safety matters are appropriate staff members. All of these matters come under the direct control of our appointed health & safety Adviser. BigTree produces health and safety plans and sets performance standards that are continuously monitored and amended as necessary. we strive for constant improvement.